salat-I-Istikhara , istikhara for marriage dua , how to pray istikhara for marriage
dua istikhara ka tariqa, How To perform Salat-I-Istikhara, istikhara for marriage dua

How To Perform Salat-I-istikhara

Whenever any Muslim needs to take a decision, they must seek guidance from Allah. Allah is our father, the one who created us and blessed all of us with such beautiful life. Allah’s guidance along with his wisdom will always intend us towards taking a right decision.

Salat-I-Istikhara helps us take the right decision and thus makes it easy to choose between right and wrong. We are children of Allah, sometimes we identify something bad for us, but in reality that is the best for us. We must always know dua istikhara ka tariqa.

salat-I-Istikhara , istikhara for marriage dua , how to pray istikhara for marriage

When to perform Salat-I-Istikhara?

Nowadays everybody wants to be solely responsible for their own decisions, whether the outcome is good or bad. Some tough decisions which we have to take are like best job for us, educational decisions and the most important is Marriage.

Istikhara for marriage dua is the ultimate solution to decision related to marriage. Our dua lets you choose the best suited partner for you. We have the best astrologer who have years of experience in how to pray istikhara for marriage.

How to perform Salat-I-Istikhara?

We should always recite all the prayers whole heartedly, be loyal in your hearts whenever you wish to seek guidance from Allah. Be honest and even ask very small decisions.

Use this tool of Salat-I-Istikhara, always be patient after reciting your istikhara dua. Always be determined that yes Allah has heard your prayer and you will be rewarded by him.

Read our Blog here to know about Salat-I-Istikhara.

Always consult our astrologer sahib before starting any dua, as many people perform dua in a wrong way and don’t see the desired results.

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