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Dua For Someone To Make Yours

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

Molvi Rahim Shaikh All Khwatino Hazrat Salaam Walaakum | Mohabbat is not ever grown, this cook is clean and a wonderful gift from Allah. To this day no one has gone naked with this. Everybody in this world has ever been involved in love and is happy, those people who have lost their true love. Those who do not succeed in love, they are often ready to do anything by forgetting Zayez or Nazazays. I am convinced that the love and affection of love is different.

“You have to get it; you do not want to do it, Takaja Mohabbat,

Eyes also become blind; they do not leave their dream. ”

Ladki Ko Apne Ishq Me Lane Ki Dua

Finding the depth of love is not only masculine. No one can tell that how much he loves or there is no meter that can measure it. It can be realized only and just. If you are in pain for someone, you have to wake up in the night, or any person who is not at all with you in your care, but you understand that you are also in love. Now those who are in your awareness will be with you. He will also love you as much as you do. The Paak Dua stipend in Quran-e-Paak and Paaki made from them always prove to be effective.

Dua To Win Someone’s Heart

You have one of the most curious questions that you have all been 5 days in Namazi and Paak month. Who bow down to the worship of Allah, and bow down before Him. Allaahtalla accepts every pardon of their every pearl. Inshallah never comes to anybody who is worshiping Allah. To know such a Paak Dua, Wazifa as mentioned in Quran-e-Paak, and to spread the message to everyone else, please share the blog more and more. Those who help others, Allah always helps them, they always help him. Your only share 1 can help someone. In each of my blogs, you will find a solution for Paak Dua, Wazifa and Mashiboto, so please share the blog. Allah is Rahim, Karim, he is the King of the King of the World. He is the sultanate of the entire world.

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2 thoughts on “Dua For Someone To Make Yours”

  1. Assalam alaikum Janaab,

    To begin with, I am 23 years old madly in love with a man who got married to someone else past three months because of some family pressure. He knew that I was totally mad behind him, then too he got married without informing me. I was totally shattered on hearing the news after I met him. He never got the courage before to disclose me the truth of his marriage, with the thought that I might stop talking to him or leave him forever. He also really wanted to marry me, but God knows what situation made him do that. The problem is that I can’t move on, my heart desires him only. I am also willing to be his second wife. He said he will marry, but needs six months or a year’s time to convince his wife and family for me. If they say a yes, he will marry me . What do I do? What if they don’t agree? I might up end up my life with out him. Please help with my situation. I cannot leave him. People around me are suggesting things that I am already aware of. I want someone who could actually understand my pain that he has caused. Please help me out.


    1. Salam Walekum Mohatrma
      I’m just disciple of Molvi Shaheb. I’m Not expert. But I thing you really need help. Currently Molvi Shaheb Not present here so you can call, whatsApp or Mail Molvi Saheb. i’m Sure he Solve your problem
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